Who works at From2?

From2 behind the scenes

At from From2 we make sure that the platform works so you can share experiences. If we think that we have knowledge about something we’ll gladly give you advise about this. From2 is part of Meeùs and is specialized in giving advise about insurances. So for this aspect we can help you out as a student.

The boss

You’re the one in control. You decide what’s important and should be on the website. So basically you’re the most important person at From2! Would you like an official function at From2? Let us know! And we’ll look what you can do at From2.

Kay Burger
The smart guy

Stuck with From2 after his study due to his stubborn personality and huge drive. Mainly working with universities to involve students to From2.

Rishi Bepat
The insurance guy

Is a hardcore gamer and the technical conscience of the backoffice of From2. Has knowledge about insurances and has lots of ideas on how we can make it easier for our customers.

Tino Boersen
The creative guy

A sportive rockstar that makes sure everything you see works properly. You notice a new creative feature? Most likely he’s responsible.

Leon Landman
The guy

A stubborn guy that’s pretending to have a say in it all. Tries to control the lot, when he’s not on vacation.. Likes to play with the latest gadgets and trying out innovative things.